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The Demographic Dividend agenda has been endorsed by the African Union commission and member states of the AU have made commitments to move it forward. The African Union (AU) Assembly decision in January 2016 established the theme for 2017 as “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend (DD) through Investments in Youth.”   

Botswana Government committed to undertaking the study and the Demographic Dividend report was produced. Titled Opportunities and Policy Actions to Maximise the Demographic Dividend in Botswana, this study analyzed Botswana’s population dynamics and age-structure changes in the medium to long-term, and the implications that these aspects will have on the country’s ability to maximize its demographic dividend (DD).

The study was carried out by the Government of Botswana, UNFPA Botswana, AFIDEP, and the Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU).