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Rights and Choices: The Unfinished Business of the ICPD in Botswana

Despite the progress made in Botswana towards sexual and reproductive rights for all, much still remains to be done to ensure that the ICPD promise is realised for women and girls, regardless of their location or who they are. The ICPD Promise booklet is an assessment of Botswana on the ICPD promise reflected through human interest stories and some ICPD indicators.

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Special Newsletter: Saving mothers in Ngami Health District

Ngami Health District has been one of the districts in Botswana that was struggling with a high burden of maternal deaths over the years with the district reporting 9 maternal deaths out of the 85 maternal deaths reported by the country in 2016, making it the third highest after the 2 national referral hospitals. Following 2 national summits that brought together the districts contributing the highest maternal mortality deaths, Ngami districts developed a response plan aimed at instituting and implementing remedial measures for the identified causes. This resulted in a significant decline as the District reported three maternal deaths in 2017 and 2 in 2018.

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State of World Population 2019

Fifty years ago, it was hard for women to obtain contraception and relatively easy to die giving birth. Many women were unable to decide whom and when to marry, and when or whether to have children.

A worldwide movement to give women real choices in life culminated in the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), where a consensus was reached about the links between women’s empowerment, sexual and reproductive health, and rights and sustainable development.

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Unfinished Business: the pursuit of rights and choices for all

This year’s State of the World Population (SWOP) report comes at the 50th anniversary of the creation of UNFPA, the UN agency for sexual and reproductive health, and the 25th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The report analyzes the progress the world has made regarding the promises of the ICPD including putting individuals in charge of their own reproductive decisions and empowering women and girls as a precondition for development. The report also identifies areas of improvement and tells stories of women who lived through the transformative decades since the promises of the ICDP were first made.

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Special Newsletter: First Lady's Girls' Summit - Double ICPD25 & UNFPA50 Launch

Initiated in 2018, the First Lady's Girls’ Summit in Botswana is fast gaining traction as space that breaks the barriers. The 2nd annual girls’ summit with First Lady of the Republic of Botswana Mrs Neo Jane Masisi brought together over 200 girls from 15 different schools in Tutume sub-district in a ‘safe space’ to discuss their life experiences and get empowered with critical SRH information. This year’s summit was also used to launch the celebration of the ICPD @25 and UNFPA@50 anniversaries.

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Special Newsletter: Demographic Dividend Report Launch

Titled Opportunities and Policy Actions to Maximise the Demographic Dividend in Botswana,  this study analysed Botswana's population dynamics and age-structure changes in the medium to long-term, and the implications that these aspects will have on the countries ability to maximise its demographic dividend.



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The Power of Choice: Reproductive Rights and the Demographic Transition

Not so long ago, most people had large families: five children, on average. Where once there was one global fertility rate, today there are many, with differences wider than at any point in human history.

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Integration of SRHR/HIV services in Botswana


The integration of SRH and HIV services has wide acceptance and support from stakeholders in Botswana
who believe that this is an important strategy to address SRHR and HIV challenges in the country. In
partnership with UNAIDS and UNFPA, an assessment was done in 2014 of 9 pilot sites in Botswana where
SRH and HIV services were integrated. The goal of the assessment was to assess improvements and
efficiencies gained from integration of health services and describe resources necessary for successful
scale up of SRH and HIV linkages in Botswana.

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Opportunities and Policy Actions to Maximize the Demographic Dividend in Botswana

Botswana Government committed to undertaking the study and the Demographic Dividend report was produced. Titled Opportunities and Policy Actions to Maximise the Demographic Dividend in Botswana, this study analyzed Botswana’s population dynamics and age-structure changes in the medium to long-term, and the implications that these aspects will have on the country’s ability to maximize its demographic dividend (DD).

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Population Update Newsletter

UNFPA Botswana is pleased to share with you the Population Update Newsletter for the 3rd Quarter, 2017. 

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