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5 May 2021

Global shortage of 900,000 midwives threatens women’s lives and health, new report shows

“A 35-year-old pregnant woman came to our clinic with abdominal pain,” recalled Hawrin Yousif, a midwife in the Khazir displacement camp in the... Read more

14 April 2021
Press Release

Nearly half of all women are denied their bodily autonomy, says new UNFPA report, My Body is My Own

Nearly half of women in 57 developing countries are denied the right to decide whether to have sex with their partners, use contraception or seek... Read more

14 April 2021

Bodily autonomy: Busting 7 myths that undermine individual rights and freedoms

Nearly half of all women are denied their bodily autonomy, according to data from 57 countries, UNFPA’s flagship report announced today. The 2021... Read more

8 March 2021

Celebrate women leaders on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response and beyond

All over the world, women lead. They lead peace processes, run businesses, establish hospitals and schools. They are presidents of countries and... Read more

29 January 2021

Don’t Get it Twisted radio show: breaking down barriers to sexual & reproductive health

Gaborone, BOTSWANA – The bold UNFPA supported weekly radio show, Don't Get It Twisted is breaking down barriers and bringing sex- related issues... Read more

23 December 2020

UNFPA and Special Olympics commemorate the 2020 IDPD with students with intellectual disabilities.

As part of the global collaboration between Special Olympics and the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA Botswana partnered with Special Olympics... Read more

18 December 2020


Maun, BOTSWANA- “The beauty of culture is when it protects the most vulnerable in society. When a woman or a girl who has suffered gender based... Read more

17 December 2020

The road to recovery-one step at a time

"Don’t be fooled by an apology and promises to change, because no one masters the art of apologizing better than an abusive man,” warned 37 year... Read more

12 December 2020

Let’s stop treating sexual and reproductive health care as anything less than essential

When universal health coverage became an agreed global goal just five years ago, it marked a huge leap forward. It is a vision of care and compassion... Read more

10 December 2020

Standing up for human rights more important than ever

Realizing human rights, equal and inalienable for every person, is the most just and meaningful goal of any society. Human rights are universal... Read more