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About us

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is the UN agency that aims to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, and every young person's potential is fulfilled through achieving universal access to sexual and reproductive health, promoting reproductive rights, reducing maternal mortality, and accelerating progress on the ICPD agenda.

UNFPA began operations in Botswana in 1971 and develops Country Programme Document every five years with Government and Non-Governmental Organizations.

UNFPA Botswana is currently on the 6th country programme which focuses of the following:

High quality integrated sexual & reproductive health services

  • Support the improvement of  policy standards for delivery of integrated, gender sensitive and non-discriminatory sexual and reproductive health services at national scale
  • Support the improvement of policy guidelines and service standards for provision of quality family planning services, including demand for and supply of modern contraceptives
  • Support strengthening policy guidelines and protocols for development and implementation of evidence based and comprehensive maternal health services

Empowerment of adolescents and young people

  • Support the improvement of policy and programming for adolescents and young people’s rights to access SRH information and services
  • Support the improvement of guidelines and standards for the design and implementation of community and school based comprehensive sexuality education programmes that promote human rights and gender equality

Generation of strategic information  

  • Support operationalisation of the Demographic Dividend policy recommendations
  • Support implementation and delivery of a timely, high quality 2021 Population and Housing censes in line with international standards, and the wide dissemination and use of census products.
  • Support national statistic systems towards integrated data ecosystems that facilitate development tracking of the SDG 2030 agenda in the country.
  • Support development and adoption of financing strategies towards achievement of UNFPA  transformative results