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The quality of public sector condoms is good and they are safe, contrary to common belief. A representative of the Global CONDOMISE campaign, Ms Bidia Deperthes, said at a media training on condom programming on Monday May 19 that the public sector condoms were safe because government ensured that they were tested before they entered the country.

Ms Deperthes stressed that it was only a myth that public sector condoms were inferior because they were given out freely. “The difference is the marketing side, the packaging and branding of the commercial condoms which is done to boost their sales,” she said.

She explained that the effectiveness of the condoms depended on the user’s behaviour when opening and putting it on, as well as the sexual activity. She added that female condoms were effective if used properly, adding that people needed to be taught how to use them.

She also said unlike the old type, the current female condoms did not require a woman to insert it eight hours before having sex. Women who use female condoms feel empowered to be at the forefront of their protection.

Ms Deperthes said it was a disheartening scenario for women when men refused to use male condoms while the women had a female condom as an alternative. A youth representative, Ms Gogontlejang Phaladi, said it was worrisome that Botswana with its high HIV prevalence rate still has religious and cultural stigma associated with young people carrying condoms.

Ms Phaladi said HIV prevention methods were dwindling and not appealing to young people which was why she embraced the CONDOMISE campaign as a young people centered approach. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Kedirebofe Pelontle

Location : GABORONE

Event : Media training workshop

Date : May 21 Wed,2014