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UNFPA is seeking services of a qualified consultant to document Botswana's experience in scaling up SRH/HIV and SGBV integrated services through a case study format. Case studies are used to develop an in-depth analysis of a ‘case’, often a programme, intervention, event, activity or process. Importantly, cases are bounded by time and activity, in addition to being informed by routine programmatic data that are supplemented by secondary survey data and research papers. The documented case study will provide a body of knowledge to facilitate scaling up of interventions nationally and regionally.

The case study will provide a broad overview of how Botswana has scaled up integrated SRH/HIV and SGBV services from three (3) pilot districts to 13 districts and take a deep dive to demonstrate a case of two health facilities namely Mmatshumu Clinic (Supermarket Model) and Mmadinare Primary Hospital, (Mall Model) in Boteti and Bobirwa districts respectfully. The consultant will collect data, write and edit and present a final case study to highlight the Botswana experience. The consultant is expected to undertake the following tasks and responsibilities.

• Develop data collection tools for HCWs, beneficiaries and other respondents as may be determined.

• Interview HCWs at program, DHMT and service delivery levels

• Analyze program data and facility reports and records as necessary

• Describe the Programme/intervention design and Intended Results

• Identify, analyse and describe factors enabling success as well as the bottlenecks (what did and did not work, how it worked and why) at different stages of the continuum of integrated SRH/HIV & SGBV service delivery, as well as the different role players and what their roles were.

• Describe the main challenges and lessons learned from this experience that can be used to support future scale-up efforts

• Generate action-oriented recommendations


See more details on the provided Terms of References


Interested individuals should send their applications to by 01 Nov 2021